“Austerity” by Mark Blyth

It has been a while…now I’m in thesis modus, and drowning in papers, books etc. Short reviews will help me to organize my ideas and may be of use to somebody else. So, let us start with Mark Blyth’s Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea (New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2015), which I recommend as a thorough overview of the idea of austerity, especially to readers who are not familiar with economics as well as to economics freshmen, given the non-technical language.

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Attending conferences and feeling dismal

I’m currently in the UK at the University of Warwick for my six months Erasmus, really thrilling experience, really good teaching quality (have an awesome Econometrics1 Professor!) and a very vibrant environment with tons of conferences and seminars.

Yesterday evening I attended two of these one-hour conferences in a row: one held by the Permanent Secretary to the Treasury, Sir Nicholas Macpherson, the other by economic historian Nick Craft. Some very quick thought about the first one, because understanding what’s going on in policymakers’ heads is key – and quite discomforting in this case.

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