Sunday bites 3

Yes but no. I’ve already spent too much time here today, so I will simply link the articles of this 3rd Sunday bites:

  1. Economists in Denial by Robert Skidelsky, about the BoE’s (bad) forecast performance of the Brexit consequences;
  2. Intolerant Liberals (you can also read progressives), a reaction to “conservative” criticism…highly recommended!!;*
  3. The Global Economy’s Surprising Resilience by a former Goldman Sach’s chairman (yes yes I know), who suggests six indicators for monitoring global economic performance;
  4. Progress Without Politics (Jacobin Magazine) about liberals’ reliance on judicial review;
  5. The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We’re Falling For It, or why Americans should stay focus and look at the bigger picture;
  6. Solow kicking Lucas and Sargent in the pants.

*Yes, it’s important to intellectual growth to have variety. It’s important that unpopular ideas get a hearing. It’s important for there to be debate, and changes of heart, and to allow sincere disagreements to continue to wrestle with one another for clarification. I have no interest in our universities being populated by people who think like me. But I do have an interest in them being populated with people who think.