I’m an undergrad, half Italian half German, studying Economics and Business at the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. I start this blog mainly to track my journey through life and economics, and to spur myself…writing about what I learn and read and think, building consistent arguments, and yes, bettering my dexterity with English language. I certainly do not start it because I pretend to be an econ genius, thus keep in mind it’s all work in progress! Of course, I welcome constructive comments. Anyway, don’t worry: it won’t be just econ.

Ps: A “warning” beforehand: like everybody, I’m not unbiased, having a moral and political worldview that informs my judgement, my interests and my preferences for certain economists and schools of economic thought. I personally think of myself as a progressive leaning towards Post-Keynesian economics, so don’t be surprised if that will be this blog’s mood.